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Life Science is a 7th grade class (6H need to be doing 7th grade life science work

I hope you all are doing well. Not the end of the year that any of us had planned. I'm thinking of all of you. Have a good summer!! And take care!! Below is the last of the online assignments for this 9 weeks.

5/26-6/2-Last assignment for year!

Watch water cycle videos (located in 2nd page of “useful links” on left side menu)

Read over the Water cycle informative web page (located in 2nd page of “useful links”)

IXL CC.1 and CC.2


Week of 5/11/20 and 5/18/20
1. New power points in "useful links"
2. New videos in "useful links"
3. IXL,  V.1, V.2, and V.3
4. Legends of learning -teacher code-SMITHP19, Complete games for SOL 9a,b,c
5. Quizizz-game codes 762091 and 612004


  1. Review all power point presentations and videos: located in “useful links” at side menu
  2. IXL W.4 and W.5
  3. Legends of learning: Code: SMITHP19: choose 2 games
  4. Quizizz code: 883322

1. New power point "Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Consumers" Located in "useful links"
2. New video clip "Primary, Secondary, Tertiary consumers" Located in "useful links"
3. New video "Food chains, Food Webs, Energy Pyramids in Ecosystems"  Located in "useful links"
3. Review all other power points as needed
4. IXL-7th grade science-W.3
5. Legends of learning-SMITHP19-Choose 2 games
6. Quizizz-Choose "Join a game"-Code 791397


  1. Review power points as needed (in "useful links")
  2. Watch posted video ( in "useful links"
  3. IXL-7th grade science-W.2
  4. Legends of Learning-SMITHP19-Choose 2 games
  5. Quizizz-Choose “Join a game”-Code 213149


Icons to direct you to IXL and Legends of Learning are on my clever page. (Log in to clever and go to P smith page) *Or you can google these sites* to log in

IXL (in IXL go to 7th grade science and choose the assigned letter and number)

Legends of learning, follow the directions on the site to get logged in (type in the code-SMITHP19, if you have not used this resource before, you will have to choose a username and password, click on teacher playlist)

If a link or video does not work, just skip to the next assignment and send me an email letting me know if something is not working.


  1. Ecology review power point-in “useful links” in the menu at left of this page
  2. Living things and the Environment power point-in “useful links” in the menu at left of this page
  3. Ecology interactive website- in “useful links” in the menu at left
  4. IXL-W.1
  5. Legends of learning-code-RUPERT3-choose atleast 2 games per week to play

**You can find additional science websites on the "Additional Science Links" page-I will be adding more to these resources over the next week or two.

Study Island Log in directions for my 6th and 7th grade Life Science students 
1. Log in to clever portal using your computer log in information
2. Click on study island
3. Click on "my classes" **Your work will NOT Be IN YOUR Life Science class listed by period***
**Instead-It is located at the bottom of the page under "Life Science Addison Teacher"
Week 3 and 4 have been added to the site
Stay safe and you can contact me with any questions