Week 7 - 4/27-05/01
Assignments for Week 7
April 27th - May 1st

*Note: Please complete previous week's assignment before moving on to this assignment.

Watersheds - A Case Study: The Chesapeake Bay


Main Idea

The Chesapeake Bay is an
estuary that has many important functions. Remember, an estuary is an area where fresh and saltwater meet and are mixed by tides. The Chesapeake Bay is one of the largest estuaries in the United States and one of the most productive. Estuaries perform important natural functions, such as providing habitat for many organisms and serving as nurseries for their young.


Going Further
Please view the videos below. These videos focus on factors that affect water quality in a watershed and how those factors can affect an ecosystem, especially how human activities affect these water systems.

1. Kahoot Review: Follow Link or enter game pin (0804412)

2. Complete the following:
IXL 6th Grade Science Y.1 
Evaluate claims about natural resource use: groundwater

Additional Resources
Check out my additional resources page here for more science activities. I encourage you to utilize some of the free educational resources available during this time. Legends of Learning is available for use and has a large amount of educational games.

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