Week 5 - 04/14-04/17
Assignments for Week 5 
April 14th - 17th

Intro to Watersheds
Watersheds are an important part of our ecosystem​​. A watershed is made up of all of the land that water flows over or through on its way to a stream, river, wetland or other body of water.

Check out the videos below for additional info!

Main Ideas
1. We all live in a watershed.
2. Watersheds are an important part of our ecosystem.
3. Watersheds provide us clean drinking water and water for agricultural use as well.

Going Further
Complete Study Island Lesson and Practice entitled "Watersheds". You can locate this under your assignments tab in Study Island.

Additional Resources
Check out my additional resources page here for more science activities. I encourage you to utilize some of the free educational resources available during this time. Legends of Learning is available for use and has a large amount of educational games.

As always, please email me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Wishing you well!

-Mr. R.