Weekly Assignments
Thursday May 14:  Please go the links on my Clever teacher page.  Watch the two short instructional videos on water and air pollution.  Then complete the learn and practice sets on the quizlet and quizziz links that i have uploaded.   Take your time.  Do your best.  Be well.

Monday May 11 assignment are posted on my CLEVER portals teacher page under the Mon: may 11 heading.  We are continuing with the Topic Resources:  Please watch the videos before you go to the other links to learn vocabulary terms and practice questions.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or on my page.

Thursdays assignment links on Natural resources and conservation are located on my Clever Portal teachers page.  

Wonderful Wednesday May 5:   Natural Resourses vs things such as plastic, polyester, rayon, rubber, 
Go to CLEVER:  Please watch both short video's then complete the link to Quizlet:Learn;vocab terms, and the 2nd Quizlet link to complete practice questions.  Lastly, complete the practice questions on the Link to QUIZZIZ.   Take your time.    GOAL: 70% or higher.     

Terrific Tuesday:  We are beginning a NEW TOPIC:  NATURAL RESOURCES:  What are natural resources?
Why are they important?  What are the different types of resources?  What is the difference between RENEWABLE and NONRENEWABLE resources?          
PLEASE watch the introduction instructional VIDEO (about 5 minutes) then complete the Quizlet 'learn vocabulary link and practice question link.  Finally complete the QUIZZIZ practice questions:  REMEMBER you can learn the correct answers from the ones you miss.  Do the practice questions until you get AT LEAST a 70% correct rate.  You can do it.  Take your time. 

Marvelous Monday: May 4:  Please complete IXL  Science 6th grade  section V..1,2,3 and Section W..1 & 2 :  Then Log into STUDY ISLAND and go to MR. Magnuson's 6th grade science tab and complete the TWO assignments on wetlands and watersheds.   PLEASE try to achieve a BLUE Ribbon.  Take your time on your assignments.   It should take a minimum of about 45 minutes to complete todays assignment if you are taking your time to read the questions and completing the answers.    

Fabulous Friday:  One short video on the topic of groundwater, one link 'Learn terms' and one 'practice terms set' both on Quizlet.  Lastly, watch the 'Magic School Bus' episode link called 'SWAMP' which covers content that we are learning under the 'Wetlands' unit.  This video lasts about 25 minutes.  Please take time to watch all of it.  Have a great day!

Thrilling Thursday Science!   Today there are a few more practice sections than other days.  I am hoping to start a new Unit/topic next week so i would like you to spend a little more time today learning vocabulary, and answering practice questions on the links that I have included on CLEVER.     Please watch the two instructional Videos on GROUND WATER.. then go on to each of the other links.   Todays lesson time might take from 45 minutes to an hour if you are taking your time to watch the videos and then to practice learning the terms, then doing the practice questions.   REMEMBER
the goal is to achieve a minimum of 70% on your Quzziz and Quizlet results.   You can see you scores when you have completed it.  If you do not get a 70% please try it again.  You can see what the correct answers are if you get a question incorrect so you can learn from the questions you miss.      I Know You Can Do This.  You are intelligent young people.   Take your time.  Thanks.

Happy Wednesday!  The links are uploaded onto my CLEVER page.  Several short instructional videos on the topic of WATERSHEDS:  then two other links;   a matching vocabulary activity on QUIA, and a set of practice questions on QUIZZIZ.     REMEMBER, when you go on to the QUIZZiz page, you need to click on the SOLO player button on the right side of page to access the questions.     Be Good.  Stay Healthy.  Be Happy.   

Tuesday, April 28.  Todays assignments includes a link to a short instructional video, the second link goes directly to a 'Wizerme' lesson which introduces what 'Watersheds' are.  It is a self contained module which includes a short video, and several sections of practice questions.  Students should complete each part of this module in the order that it is set up.     The last link goes to a 'rags to riches' format practice set.   

Monday, April 27 - 31 :  We are continuing with our unit on the Ecosystem, Wetlands and Watersheds:
Terms from the past week include: Ecosystem, community, habitat, producer, consumer, decomposer, prey, preditor, ABIOTIC and BIOTIC.   Terms from this week are:  Wetlands, (what are wetlands) what are swamps, bogs, marshes and how are they different from each other.  What are estuarys and brackish water areas.  Why are wet lands important to the ecosystem?

Monday, April 27th, assignment: 
Watch the two short INSTUCTIONAL videos about wetlands.  Then complete the  links on my teacher page on CLEVER.  Several of the parts are learning vocabulary, and several are practice questions.   Please dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or have any problems with the links that i am providing.     

Yesterday was International EARTH DAY:  Todays lesson and activities are focused on the ENVIRONMENT and what EARTH DAY is all about.  Please watch the 3 short VIDEO's on clever, then COMPLETE the two practice questions.  One on quizziz and the other on quizlet.    

Quick update:  I just fixed the link to the Bill Nye  'WETLANDS' instructional video.  It was not working correctly earlier.  Please try it again so you can watch it.  Thank you.

Thursdays Science:  First, watch the instructional video, 'Bill Nye' Wetlands, this is about 23 minutes... its important to watch and learn.  Then complete the practice sets that are included with the links that i have included on to days CLEVER page.

Wednesdays assignment is to complete the three assignments that i have set up on my STUDY ISLAND teacher page.  Go to: Mr. Magnuson's 6th Grade Science and complete the following sections: 1) Ecosystems  2) watersheds and wetlands  3) the second watersheds and wetlands.    Students will need to read passages when necessary and then answer the questions.   I have turned on the GAME MODE option, where students can have some fun and choose a game that they will get to play when they answer a question correctly.   Please let me know if you have an problems finding my page on STUDY ISLAND.  

Good morning everyone.  We are continuing with the unit on Ecosystems, Wetlands, and Watersheds this week.   Each day you will find my assignments on my rcps..... CLEVER teachers page.   There is a link for each part of the assignment to be completed.  For example, today, Monday April 20 you will see 4 links.  The first link is to an instructional video about the ecosystem.  The second link takes you to a practice set of terms on the Quizlet site.  The third link takes you to IXL, where you will need to go to 6th grade, section V, and complete parts 1, 2,and 3.  And the last link takes you to quizlet again to take answer some review questions.

If you ever have any questions please dont hesitate to send me a message.  Stay well.  Miss you all!

We are beginning a topic on the ECOSYSTEM, Wetlands and Watersheds.  This Weeks Assignments are posted on your CLEVER portal.  Log onto Clever, find Mr. Magnuson's 6th grade Science Page, click;  Each days assignments with links to parts of each days assignment.  They are in order, so click on each link, some might be powerpoint slide show that you will need to scroll through and read the the individual slides.  This is an important part of the lesson.  You will have a variety of activities each day.  Most days have at least one video to watch.  (It IMOPORTANT TO WATCH THE DAILY VIDEO with the assignment)    Then you have an activity to practice the content what we are learning about.        
REMEMBER : assignments are on Clever portal.     I also use  if you are not apart of our group text... please send me your 'cell# that i can get you onto