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Ms. Johnson
I am the School Social Worker at Lucy Addison Middle School! I am looking forward to another year of motivation, growth and positive outcomes! I want to provide you with information regarding my role here at Addison.

What does a School Social Worker do?

  • Serve as a liaison for students, families and teachers.
  • Focus on helping and supporting families to excel at both school and home.
  • Develop and implement plans of action to assist those who need help beyond the classroom and school year.
  • Meet with students and their families to help identify factors in the home, school, and community that may influence the student’s academic and social success.
  • Advocate and connect students and families to resources and additional supports in the community, based on need and interest.
  • Mental Health referrals and Emotional Well-being support.
Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.
[email protected]
Danielle Johnson, MSW,LMHP-S