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Virtual Learning Fall 2020
Need help accessing Canvas or Microsoft Teams for class? Check out these videos!

Accessing Canvas

Accessing Microsoft Teams

Challenge Practice Links
Want some extra practice while we are learning virtually? Try these out!

Music Theory Lessons and Practice Exercises
A bunch of these lessons are free to use!  Just start at the beginning and click your way through.  You probably know more than you think you do!
Music Theory Practice

SINGO - Activity Completion Bingo

You can complete these activities and try to get 5 in a row!  There are some reading activities that involve comparing Alicia Keys to Beethoven, sight-reading practice (when it says AUDIATE, that just means to sing in your head and use your hand signs along with it), and some fun interviewing that you can do with your family to teach them about music and learn what they like.  (I found this that another teacher made, that's why it doesn't say Ms. Justus!)
SINGO Entire Packet.pdf

Incredibox - Mix Your Own Beats
Here's a fun site where you can compose your own beats by clicking and dragging the t-shirts onto the beatboxers.  Each icon is a different melody, beat, or pattern that you can combine to make a cool track!