Athletes Showing their Skills
Athletes Showing Their Skills
Posted on 08/09/2019
Student AthletesHey students, parents, families, and community...

Our students not only get it done in the classroom, but they also get it done in after school sports. We see some amazing skills displayed by our students. They practice each day of the week working to become even better. Their commitment and work ethic is second to none.

Special thanks to our coaches for their hard work and time in spending countless hours coaching them up and experiencing great success in their respective sports.

Below are some pictures that illustrate our student-athletes in action.


Student-athlete showcases himself on the verge of pinning his Breckinridge opponent. Wrestling team showed great spirit in a tough battle.


Student-athlete getting set to play defense in an exciting game against Breckinridge. Hard fought game coming up just a bit short 33 - 28.


Girls team huddling up together to celebrate after an impressive victory over Breckinridge 30 - 27.