Cyrus Pace pays visit to Mr. Long's class
Cyrus Pace Pays a Visit to Mr. Long's Class
Posted on 01/23/2019
Report Out

Good day Lucy Addison BULLDOGS,

On January 22, 2019 Lucy Addison's Mr. Jason Long welcomed Cyrus Pace to speak to his students. Mr. Pace is the Executive Director of the Jefferson Center who came to present a special lesson on Louis Armstrong and the Harlem Renaissance. 

He spoke of specifics in terms of location in Harlem in which he lived and personal experiences relative to jazz music being incorporated among blacks and whites. 

During the lesson, Pace brought his guitar and played tunes for the students to listen. He asked them not only what instruments they heard in his music sample, he also asked the type of mood or emotion that was felt.

Students truly enjoyed Mr. Pace playing his guitar, engaging to think critically of tunes being played, and educating them on the history of the blues which includes Louis Armstrong.