Syllabus-8th Grade English

Classroom & Virtual Behavior/Participation

 Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to learn. This consists of, but is not limited to, preparation, contribution to class discussions, and polite and appropriate behavior.


Remote instruction will provide a unique learning opportunity for our students.  It is important we work together to create a positive learning environment for all students.

Remote Instruction Preparation for Students See the source image

  • Always enter the online session using the name that is on school records/report card unless the teacher approves another name. 
  • The student’s face should be visible during the online session.
  • Only enter online sessions for a class that is part of your regular schedule.
  • The setting around and behind the student and/or the background for an online session should always be appropriate.


Grading  See the source image


All grading will be subject to standards based by the Roanoke City ten point grading scale:


A 90-100        B 80-89          C 70-79          D 60-69         F 59 and below


Assignments See the source image


***Unless otherwise instructed, all work is to be completed individually!


Assignment breakdown for each 9 weeks:

Participation- 15%

Quizzes- 20%

Classwork Assignments- 35%

Writing Assignments- 30%

Late/Make-up Work  See the source image


All work in Canvas (and in class) will have an assigned due date and assignments are due by midnight of that date!!

If you DO NOT turn in your work by the due date you will receive a ZERO in the gradebook until you do/don’t turn in the assignment. Work turned in past the due date will be deducted 5 percentage points for every day past the due date.

***If you have extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from completing your work PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY! I am willing to be flexible and give extra time when appropriate.


Contact/Meetings See the source image


I check my email regularly during the week and normally respond within 60 minutes during the school day. I will check and respond to email during the week until 6pm, after that I will not respond until the next school morning. If you wish to meet with me or talk with me on the phone,  please let me know at least one day in advance and I will be happy to meet with you before or after school.


I am very excited to have you in my class and look forward to working with you this year!!!See the source image