Useful Links
Music Games
There are a bunch of different games on this site. Once you select a game, you can click on the "help" button at the bottom for directions on how to play. I especially like the "Match the Rhythm" and the "Compose Your Own Music" games.

Make sure your instrument is in tune when you practice! Remember, always loosen the string slightly before tightening it.

Practice your scales and music with a steady beat. 

Use this site to make your own beats! Select a version to try and then simply drag and drop sounds to make your own layered composition.

Like Incredibox, this site allows you to layer and loop sounds and be your own DJ. You can even record and share your creations!

JW Pepper
This is the website I use to order our orchestra music. If you type the name of pieces we play in the search bar in the upper right corner, you can hear our music! If you have an instrument, feel free to play along! You can also search for pieces you might want to work on next year. Send me any suggestions and I'll see if we can learn that piece!