Ms. Lori A. Hall


PLEASE check your school email and reply to me that you received it!!! We'll get through this TOGETHER!!!!!

Lucy Addison STRONG!!!

Lucy Addison STRONG!!!!!!

Please READ all of the below. I know this is a difficult time for everyone. I hope you are doing well - enjoy this time with your family. Read, do your math:) sleep, help out around the house, learn a new recipe or skill. Please get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Take a walk. Eat healthy. Try to stay off of social media all day! My email is Please email me if you have any questions. 


IF you cannot access any files because you don't have the internet, there will  be packets in the front office for you. (Geometry students, your paper packets are at the printer right now?) If you are using your laptop, don't forget you can use DESMOS for your calculator. There are practice assignments on my moodle page. In addition, there will be quizzes on Power School you can access to review. If you choose to do IXL, that is also fine. If you wish to do jlab - send the results to my email. I don't want you bored, but I do want you reviewing the skills we have learned this year. We still don't know where we are with SOLs. 

First open assignment on Power School is a five question DESMOS review. Both Algebra and Geometry.

You will need to check back every couple of days to see what new assignments are up. 

"The greatest lesson I have learned in life is that I still have a lot to learn."


Geometry - Power School - Geo After School Review Mixed
Algebra - Power School - Virtual Classwork #2

Thank you for all the texts and emails. Keep them coming!!! I hope you are doing well. Hydrate - lots of water!

"Sometimes there is nothing you can do but let it rain and wait for the sunshine."


Geometry - Day 3
There is an assignment in EMEDIAVA. Go through your clever log in to access EMEDIA VA. First assignment is "Pythagorean Theorem". IF you are having trouble accessing it, please email me!!!!

Algebra I - Day 3
Go to Clever and access EMEDIAVA.
Search for assignment on Algebra - Zero Exponents
Watch the Video - you know how I love this lady. She does a great job!!!! Watch and listen:)
Email me if you have ANY questions!

Geometry and Algebra

I've heard from a few of you that you cannot access EMEDIAVA. I will work on that for you next week. However, it is important that you keep reviewing. This is a high school credit class and I will have to give you some type of grade. I DON'T want you stressed. I know some of you have picked up booklets from the office to complete in lieu of doing on-line work. That is wonderful!!!  Just keep up with it. I will have to collect it at some point. 

Let's do a few more on-line review quizzes while I try to get EMEDIAVA up for you. PLEASE email me with questions, concerns or just to say hi.

Geometry - Spiral Review Day 1
Algebra - Spring Challenge#1

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Go for a walk. Pull weeds. Drink lots of water.