Ms. Justus

​Lucy Addison Middle School Choir

Hello students and parents! I would like to extend my sincerest welcome to you as we start this new school year together.  I am thrilled to be the new choir teacher at Lucy Addison Middle School.  We will explore the connections that music makes in the world and among us; we will improve our skills as musicians and learn to read music on the page; we will grow as we pursue excellence in the classroom and onstage, and do it all while having fun! 


It is my goal as your teacher to help you find your voice and let it be heard.  To be a member of a choir at Addison is to be a member of a community where everyone can belong, be an important part of a team, and strive for excellence alongside his or her peers.  I look forward to getting to know you and sing with you this year. 

Ms. Sarah Justus
Choir Director